Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello 2014!

I'm back after almost three years. Geesh! I notice that I only update this everytime I make a career change. After a year with West and six years will Dell, I have now become a...ta-da...housewife. I'm not sure where to take this blog yet but I'll be updating this again. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


10 years ago I got married.
10 years ago my mom died.
10 years ago we bought our house and car.
10 years ago the twin towers fell.
10 years ago I had my second baby.
A lot happened in 10 years but yet I still have a lot of things that I want to do and have not done.
This year I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary and my mom's 10th death anniversary.
I also bid to the twenties phase of my life and moves on to the inevitable 30.
I feel like today is a start of a new chapter again of my life. Thank you Lord for the past, the present and the future.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall 2011

M - Gossip Girl ep 1
M - Terra Nova ep 1
T - New Girl ep 1
TH - The Vampire Diaries ep 1
TH - Secret Circle ep 1
TH - Person of Interest ep 1
F - Fringe ep 1
The Walking Dead 10/16

Monday, May 09, 2011


I've been so very busy that I lost track of stuff I've been watching. For my own geeky reasons I'll be posting a working schedule here.

Currently Watching:

Still Airing

Vitamin X

Hakuouki Se

Uta Prince No Sa

Ikemen Desu Ne ep 1

Hana Kimi ep 1

Ouran High School Host Club ep 8/11

Blood C ep 10/12

Naruto Shippuuden (anime )

Bleach (anime)

Finished Airing rh

Asuko March (jdrama reverse harem) ep 5

Starry Sky (anime reverse harem)

Jade Palace (tdrama) ep 3

Miss Staff Seargent


Ashita no Nadja

Shima Shima

Gs Wonderland (jmovie/ reverse harem?)


Romeo and Juliet

The Magicians of Love

Boys Este


Heartstrings/ You've Fallen To Me (kdrama)

Miss Ripley ep 2. 1

City Hunter (kdrama) ep 1

Glee s2 (US drama)

Glee s1 (US drama)

SATC last season


Hana Kimi/ Beautiful You (kdrama reverse harem)

Extravagant Challenge (tdrama)


Sept 30th - Sekkaroku Ch 3 ~ Harada Sanosuke

Oct 28th - Sekkaroku Ch 4 ~ Toudou Heisuke

Nov 23 - La CordaNov 25th - Sekkaroku Ch 5 ~ Hijikata Toshizou

Terra Nova (US drama)

New Girl (US drama)

Alcatraz (US drama)

Fringe (US drama)

UPCOMING MOVIES (will wait for subs)

Paradise Kiss (jmovie)

We Were There (jmovie)

Kimi Wa Petto (kmovie)

FMA (anime movie)

Heart no Kuni (anime movie)



Sunday, February 06, 2011

More TV series, no time for review lol

5 stars :)


10 years baby!

It was our 10th year wedding anniversary last 1/27/2011 but it's actually way more than a decade since we first started out as highschool sweethearts. :)

Upcoming Superhero Movies

plus no official pics yet

as Superman

as Avengers

as Catwoman and Bane

Monday, September 20, 2010


THE SEPTEMBER GIRL: MUSES: "Triumvirates - They're bold in mixing their vintage and would-be trendy pieces. SJP - I've been a fan of SJP and Carrie since SATC. She's..."

Check out my new fashion blog.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello Fall

My fall watchlist is so packed! It's officially couch potato season!


Sungkyunkwan Scandal - August 30 (every M and T) - Technically summer show. (reverse harem)

Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss - Sept 1 (every W and TH) - Only because of Kim Hyun Joong. I dropped the anime after 2 eps and I havn't seen the Taiwanese version so it will still have an element of surprise for me.


Juui Dolittle/ Veterinarian Doolittle- October - Shun Oguri and Mao Inoue!!!!


Returning shows:

The Vampire Diaries- Sept 9 (Every TH) Wow they have werewolves just like True Blood and Twilight. I missed Damon so much! It's interesting to note that they're playing Taylor's The Pretty Reckless song on TVD trailer now. Last season they only chose Leighton's song for another CW show, Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl- Sept 13 ( Every M) I've been disappointed with Blair's last season's wardrobe but her Parisian style from the trailer is so poupee-ish!!!

Fringe - Sept 23 (Every Th) The mind boggling cases really relaxes me.

New shows I'll try out:

Hellcats Sept 8 (Every W) Cheerleaders yeah!

The Event - September 20 (Every M) Being dubbed as the next 'Lost' but I don't want to set my hopes too high.

Glee season 3 - Sept 21 (Every T) even though we havn't seen the last 2 seasons, we'll probably watch this because hubby is such a fan of Charice. lol.

Undercovers - Sept 22 (Every W) - Only because it's by JJ Abrams.

Returning Animes:

Hakuoki - Oct - (reverse harem)

Yumeiro Patissierie Professional - Oct 3 (reverse harem)

and of course the neverending Naruto and Bleach

download schedule checklist (i know i know...i'm so oc about this)
M - Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Gossip Girl, The Event
T - Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Glee
W - Playful Kiss, Hellcats, Undercovers
TH- Playful Kiss, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe

Bye Summer

Summer season is always a slow month except for True Blood for TV (best season ever) and ongoing rh food-themed animes from winter: YumePati and Maid-sama. Finally picked up last season's Personal Taste/ Preference because of Lee Min Ho but I'm finding it boring halfway. I found LMH in BBF's behind the scenes too vain and I was thinking I wouldn't be surprised if he's gay and now this lol.

I finally finished Shugo Chara Doki which was like forever! Then Shonen time! Finally caught up on Naruto and right on the heels is Bleach. I swear if Kakashi where not resurrected I would have quit Naruto. lol. I love the Vizards arc in Bleach and I'm now watching the Zanpakutou arc. More like fastforwarding it every now and then. I think Ichigo's mom might be a hollow and I had a theory before that she might be a quincy because of Ichigo's blanket. Well...

Before I go to sleep I try to decide if my mood is shojo-ish then I watch Personal Taste but if it's shonen I watch Bleach.