Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss Japan was crowned as Miss Universe 2007 today. I suddenly remembered that one of my (day)dreams when I was still young was to join this pageant but skipping on the Bb. Pilipinas part hehe I was also a very frustrated ballerina since I never even had a chance even to get a glimpse of a tutu or studio. I vowed to let my kids pursue whatever creative calling they have. I would have been a prima ballerina by now! (yeah right!)

I used to wrote detective or fashion designer for ambition in autographs inspired by Nancy Drew and my passion for sketching clothes. But came college, I had second thoughts of taking fashion design thinking it was not practical and only Benilde or Matute was offering it at that time. I intend to push for it in the future, who knows maybe in New York or Paris!

I dabbled in modelling, cheering and theatre arts all though my schooling years and finally unexpectedly landing a job in show business, behind the scenes of course :P Then I've became a houswife slash jobseeker slash bum slash the glorified mcdonald's crew version called call center girl. And now I'm in transition where I don't know where will I end up next. Advertising? Maketing? Homebuddy? sigh!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yes to piracy. Aye aye captain!

Out of boredom I decided to watch "One Piece" that my brother has been glued on. The plot is progressing and there's no need to press the fast forward button now. It's about a boy's quest to become the Pirate King and the legendary treasure all in one piece and finding a ship and a crew on the side. And coincidentally, i just love coincidences, we went out to watch the latest, probably not the last, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At End's World". We're suppose to catch "Shrek 3" with the kids but it was the first day of PoC with rating PG written all over it. It didn't take much of convincing powers. How does a (pirated) Shrek DVD and timezone after movie sounds? Hehe It was Dylan's first theatre experience and before the 2 hours and 48 minute movie ended, Dylan was dozing. All of their pictures I've taken were all lost together with my phone. Thanks to pirates at work. Grr!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One of this days I'll have this tattoo. I don't know on which part of my body yet. I have never entertained the idea of having a tattoo probably because of the needles business thing and I can't imagine of having a permanent mark that I won't get tired of. I get easily bored so I always like to change things. But recently I find myself fantasizing to have one. Not just a henna but a real one. Finally I have decided to get a fleur de lis tats, a stylized design of the flower, Iris. It kinda resembles like a sword too. Let's give it a time to see if I don't lose heart on this. I'm only planning to have just one you know. very sure, I must!