Sunday, February 29, 2004

hey today is leap year...*jumps arond like a frog..croak!croak!*
Mr. Big and I went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar last night. chocolates are my passions!!! ive ordered this climax~~~heaven!~~~~orgasmic~~~~ull really cum to ur undies!!!

i just spend the day watching great teacher onizuka marathons and sorting out all my ba-boy'a toys (really messy!). Mr. Big and i went to hear mass and then exchanged a pirated ju-on 2 cuz it doesnt have subtitles. grrrr! and on our way to the netcafe ive passed this 'ukayukay' and found a great top worth 96 bucks, i want to buy the tropical skirt worth 120 but i didnt bring extra money! maybe next time, i juz hope nobody beats me to it.hahaha

Saturday, February 28, 2004

dang! ive totally forgot that i have a blog! hahahaha! a month already has passed, well anyway here's a recap. im still in gma and ive written 4 episodes already. so far my last three had nice ratings, i just hope my latest ep rates *crosses fingers* btw i received my 1st paycheck! its an official salary...but its nothing compare to the allowance,not worth mentioning hahaha