Monday, March 19, 2007

Ancient history is the modern times' favorite for the minute. From red carpet to streets, from graphic novel into silverscreen, being geeky for Greek seems cool. "300" is a breathtaking masterpiece of violence that obliterates all the Greco movies you've seen from your memory. Achilles and Maximus are clearly no match for the disturbingly distracting 300 perfectly chiseled abdomens. Grecian goddesses are also dominating the awards season and spring collections. Even my name Iris, unbeknown to others, is the goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We went to High Street last night because I was sulking for Krispy Kremes . But my stomach was already grumbling for dinner so we ignored the queue ( it's deja vu to the time when Gonuts Donuts first opened in The Fort ) and went on strolling. Constructions were ongoing and only few shops were open. The only decent beer you can have is the open bar in the middle. We passed by the very first Crocs shop in the country. Is the Crocs the new Havaianas or a fashion blunder? It costs P1,750. No thanks, I'll have my another Havaianas please.

We followed the direction people were heading to and serendipitously ended up in Serendra Piazza. It's like a quaint open-air night in Europe and surrounded by Miami-like condominiums . Almost all the restaurants, bars and cafes are new names to me. But what really stood out is the tiny shop "Cupcakes" by Sonja that comes cross between like a tea party and doll house. Everything inside it was eye candy from the wallpapers to teacups, even with a matching refrigerator! But the main treat is the cupcake itself all I can say is I'll definitely hop back in the rabbit hole into this wonderland. Prices range from P48- P130.

I just found out we wasted P25 in Hight Street when we could have parked for free in Serendra. Here are some parking friendly places:

1. Tiendesitas for tiangge and drinking
2. Robinson's Metro East for movies and shopping
3. Shopwise-As long as you shop for minimum of P300 for groceries you can multitask and run some errands within Araneta and Libis
4. Metrowalk for gimmicks

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Friendster should make blogs accessible to public

1.creepy election ad campaigns and jingles- I really wanted to shut my eyes and ears everytime I hear one uugghh The last elections I didn't get to vote because I'm still registered in Bicol and I was here in Manila.

2.Maggie Wilson Bb. Pilipinas World- She's a really nice girl, I had a chance working with her back in GMA. She looks prettier in the photos not that she' not in person, but she really has the brains and body to boot.

3. Heroes on Star World but not available in the Philippines-What's the deal? They even closed the account who was uploading Heroes in YouTube. The IP in our work must be US because we can watch Heroes through NBC site but there's no audio. Now I'm forced to buy the pirated DVD! I should have watched it while it was still on YouTube, now I'm stucked on Episode 6!

3.Ready-for-papparazzi look by Nicole, Lindsay and Mischa. Owl Shades, Skinny jeans, Pumps or Flats, Piled on necklaces or bracelets, Oversized bags on your arm.

4. Fidelity video and music really is a catchy song and I love the monochromatic play of black and white of the video

5. Shakira and Beyonce collaboration for the former's "Beautiful Liar" . Even before this I keep on saying those two have a resemblance. I thought it was Beyonce when I first saw "Hips Don't Lie" and Beyonce really looked like Shakira when she lost a lot of weight. Plus I love them both. Shakira looks more natural with bellydancing over Beyonce's over-the-top choreographed moves.

6. Gwen and Fergie- I think Fergie is copying Gwen. I mean she also went solo from the guys. She even have this latina bodyguards like Gwen's Harajuku Girls. She also has this nonsense odd music that's kinda Gwen when she's crazy. Next thing Fergie will have a fashion/ bag line as well and have get married and have babies.

7. Shopaholic and Baby- Not quite there yet, Must read first Shopaholic ties the knot and Shopaholic & sister

8. Reality TV again- American Idol, Starstruck: Next Level, Pinoy Big Brother 2 and Amazing Race All Stars. Too early to tell who's promising and who's outta here.

9.Hershey's Dark Chocolate- I just got to try this one. 220 calories in one seating!

10. Oscar's Red Carpet- Show me any gown from Oscar's from 1998 onwards and I will tell you who wore it and probably the designer too. It's so therapeutic to me.

11. Kris-Tim-Hope tsismis weekend treat-yup every weekend off I got a dose of latest update of this hoopla.

12. Warehouse 135- brought by Driven Manila. I got curious to this place because we always pass by Yakal St. on our way to work and it look kinda out of place in the neighborhood with club music, lights, screaming Motorola sponsors, full-packed parking spaces and a missing sign. I almost sprained my neck looking for the name of the place as we drove by. I've thought there must be a connection when it mentioned a club in Yakal in Super. When I searched it online, eureka! Must drop by with my gfs one of this days.

13. Britney Spears Dead- I can picture the headline now. That's driving in the fast lane: early fame, fortune, marriage, divorce, pregnancy and post- partum depression.