Sunday, October 03, 2004

i watched feng shui all by myself. it was a nice movie well it would have been nicer if i had not known all the spoilers -.- i hate inconsiderate people who give you all the major spoilers like knowin the catch of the the da vincio code before readin it. @@ anyway back to the point.the movie used well for me... obvious marketing of kris' endorsed products like purefoods,kyowa and maybe promac too well i dunno if red horse beer and rabbit lines was part of the deal too.

omg im spendin time writin about kris haha! oh well in college my friend bebs really adore her so i kinda liked her then too i even liked her fashion statement too but aftre workin with sis believe me you'll hate her!well i guess she was a stiff competition that you really have to kill with the libel case and everything and thank god we did. yep sis is no. 1!

back to to teta. if imelda had an effigy complex as was said in the imelda docu well i think kris has a billboard complex. ever wondered why theres always a billboard ad for every product she endorses? there's krisa papaya, purefoods, herbench, kyowa,leonardo eurotiles, and so much more all over manila! and even her feng shui movie ugh!

and speakin of imelda i remember one time she said in her show that "i think i have an imelda inside of me" referrin to her love for shoe. umm wait...isnt imelda the one theyre suspectin who killed her hero father? lol
yesterday was as an unusual way to start october. i was in a twilight zone that got stucked on the day of sept 29. i had no idea it was already october. i slept till 2pm hurrah! the past few days was really stressful and i had coughs and colds too. went to attend our 5pm meeting at 7pm hehe and guess what the meeting was already over. i saw some of the staff hangin around and they invited me to attend the octoberfest where gma is coverin. i had no really plans for the night so i decided to come. i was with kj, dindin and her husband,tracy,tak,bren and karen. the octoberfest was held in metrowalk in pasig. we were in the vip area backstage cuz were fr gma. it was the first time i saw a basketball team oh my gosh theyre so tall and sexy! *drools* anyway we ate at mario's kitchen then suddenly i saw vergel and carnation, guys from bicol, outside the place. ive helped them out to be able to enter the vip. had a liitle chat and then i went off. the crowd was wild and erm too teeange-y for me lol. well pinoys..they keep on throwin bottles and cups on the stage sheesh... well after tiramisu,grilled ham n cheese and free1 1/2 platic cup of san mig beer.( that's all i drink) we decided to call it nights. when were already aboard in the cab, the dunk girls im with tak, kj and tracy decided to head off to gay bar! hahaha so we did. we met up karen and went off to some seedy gay bar along tomas morato.well to satisfy my curiosity i joined them.all i can say is oh my god! hahaha i dont want describe the details lol! what an october night.

my favorite websites:

for metro guides like movies, gigs, events
foruming and interactive site
my fave 24-hr anime channel
news esp the entertainment section
i usually visit it to know the latest cover
kewl networkin
check gaming stuffs
to see the latest in fashion in us

Saturday, September 25, 2004

chip and kim won the season 5 of amazing race. they are the biggest hypocites in the game. o well it all boils down to the million bucks. after constantly labelling themselves as nice and generous they had to shed off their goody-two coats to desperately get christie and collin off the game, not that i don't like them. (anyway nicole was too whiny.)i guess the 2 teams: christie and collin & chip and kim really deserve to fight for the finish line.

from manila they flew to el nido palawan. (not to burst our bubble but it is there in palawan where the abu sayaffs took hostages including gracia and martin burnham). only few observations pertaining our country.

1. one of the bowling moms slapped a mosquito..again haha
2. they haf no idea how our flag looks like...not that were 1st world country or anything
3. they did like the place
4. not related to us....they didnt know what vertigo means @@ im no american but i know wtf it is
5. i like the accent of the filipina who greeted them in the pitstop..very pinoy

later that morning i was ridin in the elevator in gma when i overheard a girl saying that they'll spread around that collin and christie won... in an evil sort of way. so i really dunno if they were just jokin or if it was the truth. -.- biatch spoilin it for me!

Friday, September 17, 2004

im a big amazing race fan so i really found the time to watch the ep where philippines became a pitstop. last sun i watched the catch-up episodes cuz i missed everything else from ep 2 due to work. luckily that's how i learned that our country will finally be part of my favorite show.

here's some funny observations:
1. Nicole says that she doesnt haf any idea abt the philippines then Brandon replies that we're an island (heller its a group of islands)
2. they used very choppy videos for the intro vtr of our country like they cant get any good material
2. As one of the bowling mom enters the cab, she slapped a mosquito in her arms and say,"welcome to the philippines" -.-
3. Christie was screaming hysterically to the jeepney driver to run over the people lazily standing on the middle of the street
4. they were in for a surprise when they learned that there is no cabbie and i really laughed when chip was complaining about the "little cushion" of the bus
5. colin keep sayin that the carabao is a broken ox..yeah right stupid cuz ure the only team who plowed alone while christie whine and whine
6. i think it was chip and kim who gave $300 to the cabbie from edsa to manila like duh its P15,000
7. i was about to fall from my seat when i saw the no-idea-look of the driver of Nicole and brandon. i was afraid he'll make them lose the race.luckily he brought them on the right place..not cookie palace. *cringe* anyway brabdon says that it's all in God's hands and the cam zoomed into the picture of the christ hangin on the dash mirror.nice touch of our culture that cant be found in other place.
8. colin's driver was sayin he'll break the law cuz the min speed is 100kph..typical gregarious well as the manong police man and edsa bystander (oh how i envy them)
9. guess who greeted them at the pitstop..*rolls eyes*..the daughter of gloria arroyo

cant wait for the next ep!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

as usual im still awake. i noticed some patterns. i work for four grueling days straight and sleep-deprived. then during my weekends i totally reverse my body clock cuz i sleep almost always 6 in the am and wake up late in the afternoon. now i hate to sleep cuz im all alone in my bed.popoy went home for the traslacion fiesta in naga. he's going to 'voya' in the procession "of our lady of penafrancia". its his own penitence every fiesta. i miss him already. ;_;

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I am now officailly 23 years old.

I've been celebrating my birthday since friday til monday.well it didnt turned out the way i planned it to be...bummer. oh wel whats the big deal ryt.its just me.*sob*
well it all boils down to be thankful for the life given to be my God. ok ill try be good now.^^

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

just watched an ep of sex and the city hours ago. and damn im feelin like carrie right now cuz im currently usin my ressurected laptop compaq presario (1200). i really dunno on how long will i keep this one. i bought it in my junior yr in college. it helped me a lot in my majoring...thesis, presentations and school projects .this is 3rd most expensive thing ive bought (next to our house and car). it costs more or less 150,000 and couldja believe that it started being defective when zach accidentally spilled water over the keyboard ;_; ;_; ;_; well i guess thie swould be pretty cheap now if i sell this cuz its still pentium 3 and it keeps on shutting off in its own. other symptoms includes: white screen and now dmaged battery.sigh! ive had a lot of good memories here like foruming and chatting for the first time.ive met absolutely great friends in axn...where our interests exceeded beyond anime and get to talk anything under the sun.that's how my cyber life or what you call online life started.i wish my laptop could hang on for a very long time. :(

Saturday, August 28, 2004

my raves for the moment

fashion rave for the moment: green is the new pink
food rave for the the moment: quezo real ice cream and cheesecakes
book rave for the moment: dan brown's (holy grail: searchin for digital fortress)
tv rave for the moment: sex and the city final season
online rave for the moment: gunbound
idol rave for the moment: hilary duff and lindsay lohan~~~ i miss being a teenager sigh!um...anyone got the infamous video of paris ^^
song rave for the moment: itsumo by k9 & duff
beauty rave for the moment: palmolive aromatherapy sensual..the hot pink packaging looks delicious
hangout rave for the moment: our newly-opened net cafe ^_^

*subject to change every now and then due to writer's obsession for something new

Monday, August 09, 2004

im a lazy blogger lol but when i was in elementary i used to write in diaries. i think it started when i was in grade 4 up to hmmmm up to highschool?! it started out when my mom gave me this cute lil violet dairy with padlock. i was really prudent in writing on it on a daily basis. but when my mom and aunt had a general cleaning most of my diaries were thrown away with the rest of my junk. ;_; *sniffs* well in college i converted my diary into an organizer, i just fill up the summary of my day in those lil boxes. voila! i only realized it now but i started doing that because my mom gave me one when i entered college. my mother was behind my "talents" in writing. i dont really consider myself as writer per se, in fact im a reluctant writer. i don't have much confidence in my style and i make horrible grammatical errors! and news update: ive been demoted to researcher. very long story but to make it short we've been cast away as scapegoats for the drop of our ratings. (and if there's still other reasons they could just tell that in right in our face and no questions ask period). well back to my diary history....where was i? oh just became a planner when mr. big got wind of my diary. well i wanted to bury old skeletons in my closet so i finished off the last chapters of my teenage life . i think i still have a few left in my old room in the province. ill try to visit my blog every now and then and try to chronicle my early twenties crisis!

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Sunday, February 29, 2004

hey today is leap year...*jumps arond like a frog..croak!croak!*
Mr. Big and I went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar last night. chocolates are my passions!!! ive ordered this climax~~~heaven!~~~~orgasmic~~~~ull really cum to ur undies!!!

i just spend the day watching great teacher onizuka marathons and sorting out all my ba-boy'a toys (really messy!). Mr. Big and i went to hear mass and then exchanged a pirated ju-on 2 cuz it doesnt have subtitles. grrrr! and on our way to the netcafe ive passed this 'ukayukay' and found a great top worth 96 bucks, i want to buy the tropical skirt worth 120 but i didnt bring extra money! maybe next time, i juz hope nobody beats me to it.hahaha

Saturday, February 28, 2004

dang! ive totally forgot that i have a blog! hahahaha! a month already has passed, well anyway here's a recap. im still in gma and ive written 4 episodes already. so far my last three had nice ratings, i just hope my latest ep rates *crosses fingers* btw i received my 1st paycheck! its an official salary...but its nothing compare to the allowance,not worth mentioning hahaha

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

mood: tuitty fruity
calories: coke, leche flan, ensaymadas

yes! i got a fon call from great wall advertising, ive applied to them last year. im going to have an interview tomorrow. im nervous!!! i hope i get the job just in case i dun make it in gma. ;_;

Tuesday, January 27, 2004