Monday, November 16, 2009

Uprising: The New Supermassive Black Heels 2

I posted this promotional pics for Twilight last year. (can be found here). And now here's the shoe watch for New Moon promotions and of course an additional arm charm. Stewart still favors black but manages to breaks the monotony by wearing nudes, brown and reds on few separate occasions. I'll update this with more pictures as New Moon premier approaches.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Review: The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown's third installment of Robert Langdon's adventure is set on Washington D.C. and revolves around the Freemasons. The usual formula includes a 24-hour non-stop action, Langdon Girl (707 much?), secret society, arts and monuments and a raving lunatic villain. At first I was like this is going to be so predictable. But as I read on further I'm plunged to the very familiar but exciting ride. You think you know it but you actually don't. You think it's over but it's far from it. Brown surprises me with the never ending twists. He still amazes me with intricate weaving of the landmarks, paintings, science, philosophy, history and symbols. I was quite proud with myself when I was able to decipher one of the simplest riddle but of course I was clueless of what it meant. I have mixed feelings with the ending. Like it's predecessors the ending is actually the beginning itself but it ends weakly. The oxymoron might be his grand scheme of things but I didn't get the joke.

I'm guessing the theme of his next two books might be Alumbrados or Rosicrucians as Brown tends to be repetitive with his jargon. I think it's timely that he chose an American setting as he himself and his character are both Americans. It's intriguing to learn about trivia and theories of a seemingly modern country. The former two novels dealt with antiquated European cities and centuries old secret societies. But of course the movie 'National Treasure' spoiled the novelty.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Dance

People are 'spontaneously' dancing across the globe in synchronization. In threes, in fives, in mob! These videos have made rounds in your facebook, youtube and everywhere else and have you been sleeping if you haven't seen all of them yet. I was inspired by chuvaness's blog of Jollibee's viral marketing attempt in MOA and compiled some of the few vids in YT. There's a lot more out there.

Two years after the inmates' infamous "Thriller", Stockholm pays tribute to the King of Pop with "Beat It".

Ordinary people clad in shiny, gold pants in Los Angeles suddenly broke out in a dance improv to MC Hammer's song, 'Can't Touch This'.

The Korean Wondergirls of 'Nobody' have now invaded the US as well. Even local Sunday nooontime variety shows SOP and ASAP have their own versions too.

Timberlake and Jonas to name a few who spoofed Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'. Check ALL the single ladies in London.

In true Bollywood style 'Slumdog Millionaire' ended in a choreographed dance which also spawned a Pussycat Doll's remix, 'Jai Ho'.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Belted Ballgowns

In case you noticed, I love posting pictures in threes. Just for kicks I want to see all these puffy dresses lined up.