Monday, August 09, 2004

im a lazy blogger lol but when i was in elementary i used to write in diaries. i think it started when i was in grade 4 up to hmmmm up to highschool?! it started out when my mom gave me this cute lil violet dairy with padlock. i was really prudent in writing on it on a daily basis. but when my mom and aunt had a general cleaning most of my diaries were thrown away with the rest of my junk. ;_; *sniffs* well in college i converted my diary into an organizer, i just fill up the summary of my day in those lil boxes. voila! i only realized it now but i started doing that because my mom gave me one when i entered college. my mother was behind my "talents" in writing. i dont really consider myself as writer per se, in fact im a reluctant writer. i don't have much confidence in my style and i make horrible grammatical errors! and news update: ive been demoted to researcher. very long story but to make it short we've been cast away as scapegoats for the drop of our ratings. (and if there's still other reasons they could just tell that in right in our face and no questions ask period). well back to my diary history....where was i? oh just became a planner when mr. big got wind of my diary. well i wanted to bury old skeletons in my closet so i finished off the last chapters of my teenage life . i think i still have a few left in my old room in the province. ill try to visit my blog every now and then and try to chronicle my early twenties crisis!

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