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Friendster Blogs from February 2006 to February 2007

I forgot about this good 'ol blog cuz i've been so busy with my friendster blog.


I can smell the blood for the much anticipated battle over cult animes as GMA franchised Tite Kube's "Bleach" (ranked no.7 for Top 100 favorite animes) soon to air this February probabaly in response to ABS-CBN's & HERO's Masashi Kishimoto's "Naruto" (rank 17th).

They're mangas adapted as TV series by Studio Pierot and currently being aired on TV Tokyo. Both animes are ongoing and Studio Pierot started showing filler episodes (stories that is not originally in the manga) just to let the manga storyline move ahead.

After 5 years on air and 220 episodes later, now 15 years old, Naruto returns with "Naruto Shippuuden".Bleach only on it's 3rd year continued where the manga left off with the introduction of Vaizards and Arrancar at episode 110. You can catch the subtitled versions by Dattebayo every Thusdays and Fridays at Youtube.

Words for the day:
*Dattebayo-Naruto's expression after every other sentence which doesn't mean anything.
*Narutard- you're considered as one if all of these are not making sense to you.

Parallelisms, Theories and Whatnots (Spoilers alert)
1.Kurusaki Ichigo and Naruto Uzumaki- Main characters of Bleach and Naruto with the same brightly-colored spiky hairs to match their hot temperament and strong loyalty to their loved ones.
2. Source of Energies- Reiatsu and Chakra
3.Ninjas or shinobi and Shinigamis or Soul Slayers or Death God
4. Inner struggle w/ their source of power- Ichigo and his Hollow & Zangetsu , while Naruto with his Kyubi
5.Treacherous comrades like Orochimaru and Aizen.
6.Renegade friends- Sasuke and Ishida
7. Gotei 13 and Team 11
8. Kakashi and Uruhara- Happy-go-lucky mentors with a dark past and
covered/shadowed faces... drools! sigh!
9. Techniques: Ninjitsu, Genjetsu & Taijitsu for Naruto; Spells, Combat, Sword
Techniques: Shikai and Bankai for Bleach
similar summon or bankai of healers: Tsunade's slug and Unuhana's stingray
10. Female sidekicks with healing powers-Sakura & Orihime
11. Orihime, Tsunade and Matsumuto- no need to state the very obvious
12. Levels- Academy Level to S or Extreme Level for Naruto and Lieutenants to Captains and Gillians to Vasta Lordes in Bleach

Theory no.1 Do you think Ichigo is reincarnation of his look-alike Shiba Kaime possessed by Hollow who consumed thousand of souls?
Theory no.2 Naruto has a striking resemblance with Yondaime the 4th hokage who sealed the Kyubi within him. Could he be his father?
Theory no.3 At the episode 1 of Bleach, Ichigo's blanket has a reversed Quincy mark on it, what if his mom is a Quincy so he'll be a part-time Hollow,
part-time Shinigami and part-time Quincy. That'll explain his powers. I wonder who Naruto's mom is and where did he get his last name?

Other burning question, spent sleepless nights on this one...
Who is the little boy's mom in Soul Society? hehehe

Favorite Opening and Ending Songs:
No Boy No Cry by Stance Punks-Naruto op ep 26-53
Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung Fu Generations-Naruto op 129-153
Life is Like a Boat by Rie Fu- Bleach ending 1-13
Tonight,Tonight,Tonight by Beat Crusaders-Bleach op 75-97
Rolling Stars by Yui-Bleach op- 98-present


My sweet tooth is legendary but as I've gotten older I've mellowed down, well diabetes had been in our famliy history. Could you believe I sprinkled helpfuls of table sugar to my rice as my 'ulam' when I was a kid? If Willy Wonka was giving away tickets at that time, I'd be on a chocolate frenzy. I enjoy baking but I don't even know how to cook to save my life! Here's my ultimate sweet list:

CHOCOLATES: Macademia, Meiji black chocolates, for local Flat tops =)
ICE CREAM: Selecta Double Dutch ice cream and extra marshmallows and UST's 3rd generation dirty ice cream with pandesal, yup! Sorry i cant pronounce (erm afford) Haagen Dasz FASTFOOD DESSERT: Wendy's Frosty, Kenny Roger's muffins (I used to walk from my classroon to P.Noval in my 2nd semester... of pregnancy .
CREPES: Mango Crepes in Esquinita in Dapitan, Are they still even open? Around P50 I guess and way more delicious than Cafe Breton
DOUGHNUTS: Triple Tie- Dunkin Donuts' Choco Butternut and Bavarian Filled,Gonut Donuts' Amazing Glaze and Kripsy Kreme's Original Glazed (now available in Bonifacio High Street near The Fort and I'm not sure where in Megamall)
CAKES: Chocolate Mousse, Concorde Cake in Baker's Plaza Bicol and Starbucks' cheesecakes
FRAPPUCINO: Starbucks Java Chip or CBTL White Chocolate Dream
NATIVE DELICACIES: Leche flan, ube jam, suman... all the fiesta kakanin! Ice Blinker's Halo Halo and old fashioned taho
OTHER PASTRIES: Cinnabon's Chocobons, Goldilock's Polvoron, Macaroons & Crinkles,Muhlach's Ensaymada, Lord Stowe's Egg Tarts
DESSERT BARS: Cupcakes by Sonja in Serendra Piazza, Brownie Ala Mode in Jack's Loft in Eastwood City , Brenner's Chocloate Bar in Greenbelt
SPECIALTY RESTOS:Chocolate Kiss in UP Diliman, Fleur-de-lis in Tomas Morato
CANDY: im not into candies or lollies, does tictacs count?
YOGURT: Nestle very strawberry
SHAKES: Avocado, Chocolate shakes in UST w/ their creative toppings, Shakey's milkshakes and strawberry shakes
OTHER DESSERTS: champorado, sweet ol' banana cue, Nuttella spreads
CEREALS: General Mills' Lucky Charms, Coco Krispies, Coco Frosties
FRUITS: ripe mango, banana and japanese corn in Katipunan ( I can only count in my fingers the fruits & veggies that I eat)
PANCAKES: Pancake House & Jollibee Pancake or homemade w/ lots of Lurpak butter

I am so drooling now!~~~~ *Hint* poy *hint*
Maybe a dozen irises too on the side since I've never seen one in my life.
That's why South Beach Diet will never work for me because aside from being 'sweet' i'm also a hard core carnivore, so what's left for me to eat?! sigh!


The years we've been together can't be measured by the 6 years wad of Meralco, Maynilad, Skycable, Pldt, you-name-it-we've- been-there utility bills we've hit and sometimes missed every month or by the 6 years worth of dusty stockpiles of Cosmo and Preview I religiously bought every month. But in my own unorthodox comparison, its sums up to our 6 years of marriage. You're a necessity and a luxury. Someone I need and someone I want. Happy anniversary baby! Luv u! :-X -->im a big wet kiss


My body clock has gone berserk. My perception of reality is behind by a day. I felt like I'm on a perpetual jet lag living in Central Time mode. And next week is Christmas already! I feel like I'm being pushed off to a cliff as the clock ticks to ground zero for another New Year. I'm having anxiety attacks (probably from caffeine OD) over the fact that my 2007 resolutions and to-do-lists are still the same..more or less..and my Christmas wishlists are all but Christmas wishful thinking. Everyday I keep on receiving spams from myself, reminding myself on the 43things I've planned to do. I've had a reality check of the items I've scratched off from my list.

1.Switch careers- After bailing out on 20 interview requests and having undergone 20 stress interviews later ..I jumped into the callcenter bandwagon. Got my first taste of jobhunting since my first job was my first & only application. Corporate fashion 101 isn't bad either.

2.Organize family pictures- But it's only 50% complete because I've got tons of rolls of unprocessed films dating prehistorically. Thank god for digital cameras, pictures are just an upload away.

3.Watch Grey's Anatomy DVD- and basically been on nonstop pirated DVD and Youtube marathons with Popoy for Bleach and Naruto. I still have a lot of titles that I want to get hold of.

4. Get an extreme hairsyle- I went au naturale. I've finally chopped off my rebonded mane (all for free by RR) all by myself and went back to being curly again but this time chanelling Nicole Kidman look in her Omega print ad. Must update my pic.

But I've given up on 1 thing..I failed to join Amazing Race Asia! LOL! Isn't weird that that when the Philippine teams went last they were eliminated right away while the other pitstops were pre-determined non-elimination legs? Aubrey & Jacque totally deserve it though for acting like airheads.

Just a thought this Christmas, spend wisely and spend time with your loved ones. Happy Holidays!

9/5/06 SEPTEMBER 6,1981 11:58 PM

Today is not solely my day cuz of course statistically speaking a lot of people were born on this day...ok fine I don't have the figures but I can name a Aunt Marissa, my sister-in-law Princess, my friend Bubbles, Gina the wife of my Uncle w/c I havent seen since kiddo, I think my former highschool teacher Ms. Chona Tordillas, highschool batchmate Shinobu Shimakawa and my fave singer and best-est friend, Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries.

Aside from the monumental feat of being born today, here is a glance at what happened today in history.

-gory trivia: the Black September killing of the Israeli players as shown in the movie "Munich"

-useless bit of trivia: Carnation processed its first can of evap milk in 1899

- geeky trivia: Star Trek premiered in NBC TV in 1966

- I remembered this one I was only 16-Princess Di was buried in 1997 & Mother Theresa died in 1997 at age 87

-and fresh off the press- the first male heir to the Japanese throne in more than 40 years was born today.That's Emperor Akihito's first grandson!


I was like jinxed for 3 days straight at around lunch time on my way to work.

Monday about 11:30 noon. After losing sleep, braving the MRT and the storm; I learned it was all for nothing because I've left the most important document at home to be able to get my SSS number.Grrr!

Tuesday 12 noon. I was running late to work and then *snap* there goes the strap off my shoes. I couldn't walk properly cuz I keep on wobbling without the support of that itsy-bitsy strap. People were giving me funny glances like hello this isn't a Mentos commercial ha-ha! After a scary pedestrian crossing and two convenience stores later I was off to my building wearing a P45 sky blue flipflops.Thank god Lee brought an extra pair.Thanks gurl :D

Wednesday 11:20 am (i think) Popoy dropped me off to work. The light was red and so I hurriedly opened the door to get out. Suddenly out of nowhere, a scooter crashed to the door! But it was more like the other way around, it was me who crashed his scooter. Hey I wasn't expecting to hit on anyone or anything cuz there was just a small space between the car and the steel barricade on the sidewalk.

Am I like Lindsay Lohan in her latest flick 'Just My Luck'? I hope that's the end of it.


1. You can't find any review of the movie because they didn't let the critics watch it.

2.You find bogus reviews on their posters from fictional people. Yep they actually do this.

3. There's only one hot actor/actress in the cast who would most likely appear for a number of scenes or die tragically.

4. Chistopher Walken, Dennis Hopper or a once famous aging actor has the supporting role and the rest are never-heard.

5. After watching the trailer, you felt you've already seen the entire movie.

6.The plot relies heavily on CG because that's the only thing they can offer. Are you really going to fall for that?

7. It's a sequel to another B-movie. The same formula again! Yawn! And sometimes it's released in VCD/ DVD formats only.

8. You've already predicted the twist of the movie.

9. There's a screaming headline on the top of the banner of the poster of their gazillion production cost. Like hey man we're in dead shit if we don't get it back, never mind earning.

10. It's another teen or scary movie with helpless and/or topless women. Ugh! Enough!

(essay i wrote in training)


It all starts when Mikan followed her bestfriend Hotaru, who transferred to a school in the city called Alice Academy. She soon realizes that it's not just your typical posh school rather it's a special school for students who possesses special abilities or “alices”. And to add more to her surprise, Mikan herself has an alice of her own, now if only she could figure out what kind of alice she has...Mikan would try to fit in with the academy from the electric trigger happy teachers, flame thrower classmate to Mr. Bear killer punches and her no star status. She sure has a penchant for causing a stir in the campus but not exactly in her best light possible. But in the end the academy will learn from her a thing or two. The story deals with friendship, trust, loyalty, determination and courage that will surely melt your heart. I got hooked to this very kawaai and funny anime from start to finish that I even watched ALL the replays. Spoiler: I can't seem to get enough of the Ruka-Mikan-Natseume love triangle. I'm absolutely looking forward for the next season!
(essay for application as moderator of animax-asia forums)

7/8/06 ROCK ON

Rock is fuckingly cool again.

Fashion forecasts rock glam, punk rock, baroque rock and whatever rocker look you can come up with. Fashion is indeed recyclable, but the aquanet-teased 'do is dead.

Following the INXS success, the Rockstar Search returns again and this time with a new band called Supernova comprised of legendary rock icons: Tommey Lee of Motley Crue, Jason Newsted of Metallica and Gilby Clarke of Guns N' Roses.

Riding the present rock movement in the country, there's SOP Pasiklaband. (to be updated)

I also love Japanese rock or J-rock soundtracks of animes like that of Initial-D 4th Stage, Getbackers and my favorite, the opening theme of Full Metal Alchemist,"Ready Steady Go" by L'Arc~en~ciel.( I can't get the riffs off my mind.)

Rock is not just purely fashion and music, it can also be a medium for education and worthy causes like Rock Ed. (visit No more excuses, Philippines!


Wala lang nanalo lang na naman si Pacquiao last Sunday.I'm not sure about this but somebody once told me that Ali Mall in Cubao was named after Muhammad Ali back in the heydays of "Thrilla in Manila". I've just had some brilliant idea, maybe they could put up a tiangge or bazaar place in Araneta Center and name it as "Pakyawan" or something hehe me and my fantastic ideas :D

Just bought FHM ish. I've stopped religiously buying FHM but its been a tradition of mine to buy the July edition ever since I pitched in for the 2000 FHM 100 Sexiest. I was an intern in FHM way back in college. I remember making up articles for the Ladies confessions (sort of ;D).

As usual Kapuso ladies dominated the list and the top ten as well as spearheaded by Katrina and Angel. Even Jang Geum took a spot! lol!


Superman was sighted here in Manila at 10:55!


After faithfully watching American Idol season 5 since Day 1 it all ends on one Thurdsay afternoon. And hurrah hurrah halfway during the show Star News Asia suddenly made a seconder announcement that Taylor Hicks is the new American Idol and then resume to what I supposed was a Live telecast. What the *bleep bleep*? It was so very anti-climatic as I was enjoying the show which was more entertaining over the previous finales. But it was kind of predictable. I guessed Crazy Dave would won, I think he has a future in comedy. I also sensed that Clay Aiken would appear and surprise the gay Clay-wannabee, but it turned out we would all be shocked by his new looks. He's now sporting a dark locks and very far from the blonde nerdy boy he used to look like. And last, I was waiting for the Brokenote Cowboys and they did appear and sang. My heart totally melts for that naive cowboy kid lol I also noticed some publicity machines running on like the performances of Toni Braxton with Taylor and the solo of The Artist Formerly Known as The Prince. Last time I've seen them was like in the nineties?

Simon named that the top three would probably be Katharine, Taylor and Chris. But I was really surprised that Eliot took the third spot. I really thought it would be Chris and Katharine who would face off. I was totally rooting for Katharine, Okay I'm partial to female singers/performers hehe But Taylor was also one of my early favorite. I think his edge is that people can identify with him, he seems like a real person against the diva-complex-you-can't-reach-me types. And of course his lovable personality and funny erm fancy footworks really completes the Soul Patrol package. Peope are also comparing Katharine to Clay now, because Clay became more successful than the Idol Rueben Studdard.

"Philippine Idol" is coming soon in ABC 5 and I was right that they would take Ryan Cayabyab as one of the judges. I wonder who would be diva and the gay critic? Franchising TV shows started in "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", "The Weakest Link", "Wheel of Fortune" and "Family Feud". It lost its sparkle for a while. And now ABS-CBN revived the trend again with "Pinoy Big Brother" and soon to be launched game show "Deal or No deal". You could see the trends in TV from Mexican Telenovelas, Game Shows, Chinovela, Koreanovela, Reality show, Fantasy or Superhero themed soaps and now Franchising, I wonder what's next?


Leo Oracion, Pastour Emata and Romi Garduce has now conquered the roof of the world, Mt. Everest, in that following order. Of course as you watch the networks, it's not just as simple as celebrating a Filipino triumph like Pacquiao over Morales. It's been a battle between the sponsors: GMA for Garduce and ABS CBN for the First Philippine Mount Everest Expedition.

I think FPMEE was scheduled for 2007 but they changed their plans when they learned Garduce already flew to Nepal. Garduce was invited to join the team but I think he wasn't guaranteed to be the one to scale the Everest.

The war is just starting , Garduce has plans to complete trekking the highest summits of each continents and had already climbed 3 out of 7 so far. Mt. Kilimajaro (Africa), Mt. Aconcagua (South America) and Mt. Everest (Asia). Next stops are Mt. Denali (North America),Mt. Elbrus (Europe) Mt. Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia) and Mt. Vinson (Antartica). The FPMEE has also set sights on Mt. Denali in Alaska, the coldest mountain in the world.


Summer is here again! You've caught the summer bug that makes you runt out of the routine to go have some fun. You picture yourself clad in a hibiscus-printbikini, surfer shorts, havaianas and aviator sunglasses while lying in a white sun and sipping a very cooool drink.

Well if you're stucked in the rut you could buy yourself a drink and just imagine the rest. Here are my favorite summer treats that I crave once I feel a drop of sweat breaks out:

1. Fruitaz Shakes- They offer a wide selection of fruits that you can even mix a two or three. Just don't go overboard with your exotic combinations. My staple fruitaz flavor is avocado. Fruitaz shakes can be found in your popular mall, supermarts and tiangges with their inviting fruit banners.

2. Shakey's milkshakes- Shakey's milkshakes comes in chocolate and strawberry flavors. These old-school type of milkshakes are in tall glasses, sprinkled with chocolate or strawberry candy bits and topped with wafer. I get this pang of disappointment everytime I see my milkshake inching down as I sip it.

3. Frappucino- 'nuff said...but I still want my rhumba back!

4. Halohalo- I swear the most delicious halo-halo you'll ever taste can be found in Ice Blinkers. There's just one catch, it's in Bicol. Their used to be one in SM Cubao Food Court but it already closed down. So don't forget to include it in your itinerary if you ever get the chance to visit the region.

5 C2-Ever since C2 bottled beverages was introduced, I stopped gulping down on colas. It's virtually present from supermarkets to sari-sari stores, I'm so addicted to lemon flavors and I hate it that it's always the first to run out!

(on-the-spot essay I've written for my interview in a restaurant company)


That was the question sprawled on the Kamiseta billboard ad. I grew up reading Archie Comics and I read it not only for fun but to gawk on the fashionable clothes they're wearing especially Veronica's wardrobe. Girls my age could see themselves either as a Betty or Veronica. I havent met yet a girl who likes Veronica like I do. Yeah she's a spoiled brat but who wouldn't mind being filthy rich? And obviously Archie digs Veronica over Betty. I've read a long time ago that there's a plan to make the comic strips into a live action movie. If Paris was a brunette, she'd really fit the filthy and the rich parts hehe

Back in college my thesis was about the marketing plans of Kamiseta for being the first to use a foreign celebrity endorser which is Alicia Silverstone. It sure indeed was a success because after Alicia they hooked up a more current actress, Natalie Portman. It even started a trend like Penshoppe signing up Mandy Moore. It was just a bummer that Kamiseta doesnt want to grant any interviews because I've heard they also turned down other colleges who also had the same subject thesis. I'm just not sure if their Disney licensing was a smart move though...


-They've phased out my favorite Starbucks drink, Rhumba!! *@#! I've tried the limited summer treat Banana Mocha Frap and it's nothing compared to rhumba! Thank God for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Ice Blended.

-It's official, Monday is my couch potato day! There are 2 new programs in GMA that where both based from anime: Japanovela Gokusen (before 24 Oras) and Love of the Condor Heroes (after Jewel in the Palace), Alice Academy in Animax 7pm with lots of replays (I recommend watching for more complete storyline but Ep 16++ isn't out yet) and Lost 10pm at AXN. I miss The 4400, it's used to be at 9pm in AXN but season 3 is still being shoot. And surprise! surprise! I'm addicted to Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition from Day 1! Matt is sooo cute, I heard he lives in the esquinitas behind our house hehe

Two sports events will take place in the Big Donme. Dennis Rodman will play today for an exhibition game and I've read that it was a flop. Carlos is here to promote his fight with Manny Pacquiao for the next Thrilla in Manila. Can they take the title away from Ali and Frasier's Fight of the Century of 1979?

4/22/06 NUMBERS PART 2

Mark your calendars!

For the first time in 100 years on May 4, 2006 the date and time of the year would be exactly arranged in chronological order: 1 2 3 4 5 6. (GMT 1:02:03 am 04-05-06) Actually it's the premiere date of "The Supernatural" in AXN.

While the movie "The Omen" remake of the classic 1976 thriller would open in theatres on June 6, 2006 or 6-6-6. The perfect date for the anti-Christ movie.

F-f-freaky isn't it?

4/20/06 WHAT'S IN A NAME

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or TomKat named their newborn baby girl "Suri" which means "princess" in Hebrew and "red roses" in Persian. Giving baby names is really fun, here's the meaning of the names of my kids.

Ricardo Zachary=Ricardo-Spanish-"rich ruler" Zachariah- Hebrew- "The Lord has remembered"

Gavin Vance Ric=Gavin-Welsh-"little hawk" Vance-English-"swamp"

Dylan Ric=Dylan-Welsh-"born from the ocean"; "son of the sea"

The eldest of course became the third Ricardo and they all have "Ric" attached to their names like Poy's brothers. Gavin was patterned after my mom's initials: G & V "Georgina Victoria" and Dylan after my Dad, "Dante.

And can you guess the common theme of their names? Answer: They're all named after singers from different genres: Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, Gavin Ross Dale of Bush and Jakob Dylan of The Wallfowers/ Bob Dylan.

I've scrapped two names for baby girls after each ultrasounds results: Gabrielle Reese and Victoria Nicolette for short Violet :D I've stopped thinking up of girl names on the third time.


We hit the road to Camarines Sur right after fetching my Aunt and Uncle who just arrived in the country. We arrived at the dawn of Good Friday and I was forced to gave up my carnivore instincts for the first time of the entire Lenten Season. I also got dragged by my kids to join the procession of the saints in Canaman. While visiting my mom's hometown in Canaman, I was so active in all the religious traditions like watching Senaculo (passion play) and Tonton (Easter Angels), joining Lagaylay (song dance prayer for Mary) and every Spanish tradition adopted by the barrio whole year round. I've waken up 2 days straight in Bicol with full blast sunshine and I couldn't believe that it was only 5:30 in the morning!

On Black Saturday, we went to the white beaches of Atulayan Islands. A picturesque 30-minute boat ride from Nato, Sagnay. It was said that a French Italian movie "Mutiny in the South Seas" was filmed there in 1966. It was a private beach so we're the only people there including the caretaker. I felt like I was in the set of "Lost" with it's very pristine beach, clear waters and I was half-expecting that "the others" will spring out from the tropical jungle. Lol! And our only luxury items were table and chairs, a nearby pump, changing room, gazeebo and a solitary gas lamp at nighttime.

The next day, Easter Sunday we went swimming at Nato Beach and incidentally it's the Baybayon Festival ("sandy"). Then we headed back to Naga City for a food binge before returning to Manila.

My favorite dishes that I absolutely have to eat when in Naga: (sadly, I haven't completed my checklist)

1. Toasted siopao and mami of Naga Garden or Cafe Candice

2. Halo-halo of Ice Blinkers

3. Pork Cordon Bleau of Bigg's Diner

4. Concorde Cake of Baker's Plaza

5. Pinangat of Geewan or from any street vendor

4/9/06 SISTAHS

Today's Hollywood It Girls all share the same accessory, a charmed sister. The trend now is that the other sisters get an instant golden ticket to fame thanks to their celebrity sisters.

Hilary Duff (18) and Haylie (20) The older sister followed the younger sister's footsteps in singing and acting.

Paris Hilton (25) and Nicky (22) The younger heiress has already fame and fortune so she doesn't need more publicity unlike Paris who can't seem to get enough.

Jessica Simpson (25) and Ashlee (21) Jessica paved the way for Ashlee to enter recording and the same bit for acting. Famous for the Saturday Night Live lip synching episode.

Britney Spears (24) and Jamie Lynn (14) The Mini me version of Britney. She has her own show in Nickelodeon. Maybe 2-4 years from now expect her gyrating in some itsy-bitsy tattered clothes.

Lindsay Lohan (19) and Aliana (12)- Ali appeared on Lindsay's video "Confessions of a Broken Heart" and watch out for her Disney show.

Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen (19)-The ultimate twins sisters who started acting at just 5 months old and look now, they're worth $150M each.

And now let's play Pink's tribute to them:
Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back
What a paparazzi girl, I don't wanna be a stupid girl
Baby if I act like that, flipping my blonde hair back
Push up my bra like that, I don't wanna be a stupid girl


Cheers to March graduates especially Zach and Gavin. Zach raked in the Perfect Attendance, Most Punctual, Most Behaved, Most Neat, Writing Whizzers, Best in Arts, Reading Whizzers,Best in Math, Leadership Awards and Gold Medal for Prep. Gavin got Silver Medal, Most Behaved, Most Neat and Writing Whizzers for Nursery Level. I'm a proud momma :D

Congrats to the BAR passers and to Keanna Reeves for winning the PBB Celebrity Edition. *lol Gabriela, Keanna's choice of charity, has now 1M to fund more rallies. tsk! tsk!PRIDE &


I'm only halfway done reading the Jane Austen's classic and unabridged old English *cough* Elf-gibberish *cough* version, so I could only comment on the first half of the re-interpretation starring Keira Knightley as ELizabeth. The screenplay adaptation is very faithful to the story and the dialogues were same from the novel. As expected it was fast paced and minor details were left out. Some of the sequences were interchanged but it still retained the original flow of the story. Mr. Bingley's other sister and brother-in-law didn't made it in the film. The movie failed to show Elizabeth's disdain towards Mr. Darcy because it seems like she was flirting with him from Day 1. (to be continued...)

3/25/06 RIP OFFS

Chris Daughtry version's of Johnny Cash I Walk the Line was a sure hit among the judges and the crowd, but according to some American Idol fans Chris copied the 2001 version of the band 'Live'. So much for making the song your own, but you can't blame the guy since they are not even performing originals.

But in our country where bands are in boom again since the Eraserheads era, ripped off songs seems to be the new original. Like the famous Pinoy Big Brother Theme Song Pinoy Ako by Orange & Lemons "inspired" by Chandelier of The Care, Stay of Cueshe "patterned" after The Greatest View of Silverchair and Leaving You by Session Road "paying tribute" to Garmonbozia of Superdrag. There are things called Intellectual Property Rights, royalties and lawsuits. Pinoy Pinoy ako ipakita sa mundo~~bleh

3/21/06 SIS & GANDA

I just saw tonight the latest endorsement of sisters Janice and Gelli de Belen for Alaska evaporated milk. It's been a while since their Globe Girlfriends deals. I can't help but get excited for them after working for exactly 2 years with "Sis".I wonder when will the three of them get a commercial together?

Gelli's most recent stint was for Folded and Hung print ads. Mina has Rexona with Sunflower Oil and Nido together with her twins on their first commercial appearance. But I can't recall all her deals since her breakthrough Jollibee ad when she was only 12 years old. I won't forget the memorable tagline of Janice for Petron Gasul commercial: 'Di gaya ng iba dyan.

And my former host Mader Ricky has a follow up on his catchy "Ang gandaaa!!" Palmolive is paying him like a million just to say "Ang kintaaab!".

3/20/06 V

"This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verismilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vangurading vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracios violation of volition.The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive not in vain for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-a-vis an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V."

The movie ended without even a glimpse of who V is. But you'll see in the credits, the name Hugo Weaving. Who the hell is Hugo Weaving? Who else would the Wachowski brothers choose to pull it off? Of course aside from Andi Serkis as Gollum and KingKong. It's none other than the evil Agent Smith of Matrix trilogies and the divine Elrond King of Lord of the Rings Trilogies. I love the play of contrast.

This is an adaptation from a graphic novel a freedom fighter against a totalitarian British government in the future. I find the movie untimely because it incites violence not just rebellion against the government. Just look at our country now. And V also blows up historical buildings like the Parlaiment in the name of freedom, very Osama. The movie lacks any in-depth background of V, is there a sequel or a trilogy in the making? Not again.

The 5th (also V in Roman) of November is Guy Fawkes Day. It commemorates the Gunpowder plot of Guy Fawkes to blow up the Parliament. The British celebrates this day by bonfire, burning effigies of Guy and watching fireworks.

3/19/06 NOT PINOY

From Philippine Daily Inquirer Entertainment Section March 19,2006

From Natalie Cruz ( of Wills Hall,Denmark st. Bristol

Please stop being proud of and owning the successes of Americans with Filipino roots.It is not the bloodline,race, and color that makes a Filipino.Melody and Cheryl Burke are Americnas__born in America, raised in America.They don't even know the Filipino language.

And where did this come form? "Melody and Cheryl should come to the Philippines and show the world that we are the dancing and singing capital of the world." Nothing they have done comes from anything remotely related to your country.Why should they go there? What career can they aspire for in the Philippines? Hosting a dance show?

This is so Pinoy,looking for something to be proud of in other people.How pathetic!

What does makes a Filipino? It's not a bloodline, race and color? So if you were an American and was born in France,raised in France and speaks only French then you are no way associated with US whatsoever? In the very first place they've acknowledged their Filipino ancestry and showed interest in learning their roots. At least they have the decency to accept that fact unlike some other people. Even if they did host a dancing show in OUR country, what is so horrible about that?

Is their a problem if we are proud of them? You're the one who's pathetic with your arrogance and bigotry. Does it annoy you every time they ask why your surname is so un-American? Oh well I really don't care.That's your problem.


Poy and I decided to check out Esquinita at Sct. Esguerra after a bout of billiards with Jim. A brainchild of ABS CBN talents like John Lapuz,Kris Aquino etc., it offers ecclectic spots like Lena's Pinoy Fusion,Vanilla the Specialty BAResto,Love to Shop Suedehead,Graffiti Internet Gaming & Snack Bar,Ci-wee-Ti Eateristorante and Tonic Resto Bar. And no I wasn't able to mill around hehe As expected it was packed by Kapamilya people. It reminds me of Adriatico Circle of Malate, but with fewer gays. Booze are cheap and a live band was playing in the open air centerstage. It does live up to it's name,because the place was really small and overcrowded.

Then we went to meet Poy's buddies at Jay J's Inasal, a 24 hour resto bar at Home Depot in Julio Vargas, Ortigas. Very nice place, delicious food, affordable drinks and with a screaming "NO MSG!" sign. No ajinomoto for you ;P


The other night Poy and I passed by Tapika to see who was playing and we found it closed. I don't know if it's for good, well I hope not.So at the last minute we headed off to Tiendesitas (which means "little stores") near C5 with only 1 1/2 hours to go before midnight. And to my dismay only a few stalls are still open :( It's only the 2nd time I've been there and it has been another mad dash before closing time lol! So we just had a bit of a nightcap.

It's a high-end version of Greenhills. It offers different sections or villages: pets, fashion, plants,antiques,furniture,delicacies and food stalls.It also a drinking haven at night with average of P35/beer and a live band at the activity centre. I just noticed that almost all the the food stalls have regional themes: Ilonggo, Bulacan etc I hope they add more foreign dishes to choose from but I guess that would totally ruin the whole Pinoy theme. It has free parking space, open til midnight and pet-friendly. They also offer a kalesa ride around the vicinity. Beside it is a SM Supermart that is on the works.


A Fil-Am guy got in the Amrican Idol 24 hopefuls.His name is Jose "Sway" Penala. He's 28 years old from San Fo,California. He sang a mean "Reasons" by Earth,Wind & Fire.He sang in a falsetto and after reaching a very high note he smoothly switched back to his normal singing voice. Randy and Paula were impressed, while Simon said he sounded like a third-rate copycat of EWF. ouch!There were some questioning his eligibility since he was under a contract before.

On the AI season 4, two Fil-Hawaiians got into the magic 12: Camille Velasquez (top 7?) and Jasmine Trias (top 3).

Other Fil hyphenates who made it big in the music scene:

-Apol of the Black Eyed Peas, spell bebot

-Nicole the lead of The Pussycat Dolls

-Mutya, ex-member of Sugababes

-Mig Ayesa one of the top three finalist of Rock Star Search:INXS

-The Speaks- An all Fil-Am alternative band. They're so hot rignt now.

-Billy Joe Crawford-the former That's Entertainment kid who's now famous in God-knows place I have no idea

-Enrique Iglesias-His father is of course Julio Iglesias, while his mom is a FIlipina

-Banig the winner of Star Search 1988

-Moonpools & Caterpillars-One of my favorite band when I was still in highschool

Hollywood actors with Filipino lineage :

- Tia Carrere- with the "e'" not "a" *wink*

-Lou Diamond Philips-La Bamba

-Rob Schneider-Deauce Bigalow

-Jeff Goldblum-The Independence Day

-Phoebe Cates- Gremlins (MIA but she's married to kevin Kline)

-Ernie Reyes Jr-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

-Paolo Montalban-Cinderella with Brandy

-Dante Basco-the actor of "The Debut"

-Shannyn Sossamon-the lead actress of Knight's Tale and 40 Days and 40 Nights

-Nia Peeples- actress/dance/singer honestly I don't know her

-Mei Melancon- She plays Psylocke in X-Men III: The Last Stand

In cable TV:

-Lalaine Vergas as Miranda in Lizzie Maguirre

-Kathleen de leon of Hi5 in Nickelodeon

-Donita Rose of MTV Asia

In Sports:

-Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao in Boxing

-Efren "Bata" Reyes and Francisco "Django" Bustamante in Billiards

-Jennifer Rosales in Ladies Professional Golf Association

In Theatre

-Lea Salonga- need say more?

-Rona Figueroa-She also played Kim

-Julie Danao-plays Yoko Ono in Lennon musical in Broadway

-Jose Llana-played opposite Lea in "Flower Drum Song" and cameos in "The Hitch" & "Sex and the City"

-Liza Macuja-prima ballerina


-Monique Lhuillier-based in NY, she's famed for her bridal gowns

-Ito Curata-fashion designer of Sharon Stone


-Pia Clemente-1st FilAm to be nominated in Oscars's for Best Short Film "Our Time is Up"

-Cristeta Comerfor-the Executive Chef of White House

-Precious Lara Quigaman-Miss World 1995

-Cheryl Burke-Winner of Dancing with Celebrities with her partner former 98 Degrees member, Drew Lachey

Note: Not all of them are very vocal in acknowledgeing their Filipino ancestry. Feel free to correct me or add more names. And I included only the figures of contemporary times.


I bought the book on an impulse as I've passed by "A Different Bookstore" in Cubao. The trailer of the movie was still fresh in my mind. I'm a sucker for the Japanese culture like animes, fashion, food etc. The movie finally hits the local theatres but I've had my fix with a bootleg DVD copy a month earlier. Here are some of the slight changes: -In the movie Aunt said Sayuri was born in the year of the rooster. I was born under that year so I thought why didn't I remembered that. When I checked the book I found out she was born in the year of the monkey -They didn't mention that Sayuri had a danna and lovers -She did dance in the festival but It wasn't her grand debut as a geisha -Delivery boy who fell from the bicycle was actually walking in the book (OK not a very important detail :) ) -The American was a Japanese Minister in the book I was disappointed with the lack of attention to the kimonos because they were described vividly in the book. And I wished they used Japanese actresses, Americans think that all Asians look alike. But I loved Ziyi Zhang's acting though. And Pumpkin and Nobu wasn't exactly what I had imagined. I've expected Pumpkin as a buxom girl while Nobu as horribly disfigured man.


I've happened to pass by at the People Power Photo Exhibit in Glorietta in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the said ONLY and REAL EDSA. I was turning 5 years old then and we were living in an apartment in Tondo. All I could remember was seeing the 'yes' and 'no' cards, I think that was the plebiscite. Then came EDSA DOS, I was in my junior year in UST. Classes were suspended for people to join the grand rally. I called Popoy up in a phone booth in the Main Building and told him that I wanted to join too, to be a part of something historical. Of course he said no haha After then you'll get numbed by the EDSA TRES and the countless attempts to make another EDSA kwatro in the midst of Hello Garci Scandals. The people power that happened 20 years ago was timely, peaceful and the answer of the nation to years of dictatorship. The Jose Pidal envelopes were just a scapegoat for people who wanted power. We've been duped. And ironically Arroyo puts the country into a state of rebellion when she herself was catapulted into power through rebellion. Does it mean every time a President is plunged into a controversy we should run amok in the streets? It just destroyed the real meaning of EDSA. Staring at the black and white photos while listening to EDSA songs like Bayan Ko, Handog ng Pilipino etc brings out the nationalistic in me but I was brought out of my reverie when they suddenly played Pinoy Ako by Orange and Lemons eew

2/18/06 UNCANNY

My sons are addicted to X-men evolution in Cartoon Network, it's so weird that I get to watch it too 'cuz 'twas my favorite cartoons when I was still a kid! It's a different X-men but much more faithful to the original storyline and drawings compared to the movie version.(X-3 coming soon) Well almost...Rogue had a makeover from a bombshell to a punk teenager. Then this afternoon I saw the old X-men on JackTV. I've used to watch it faithfully every Friday night on Abs-Cbn at Arni's house because our TV reception in the province can't receive channel 2. There's no cable then! I only noticed now that the quality of the cartoons was that grainy. And I thought the graphics was so cool when I was a kid oh well technology really does wonders. I'm a Marvel fan that I've collected their cards. So of course I've watched X-Men,Spiderman, Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic 4 and Punisher. And gee some of them are pretty lame haha

My term paper was about cartoon animations during my freshmen years in UST. It's a childhood fixation that I couldn't kicked. Then I get hooked with animes in college.But that's another blog entry.


Crap im too busy to blog! im just going to use bullets :)

~Went to Laguna last weekend to celebrate the birthday of my hubby and my father-in-law. A weekend of swimming, videokes and billiards.

~attended Faith's In Fairness Valetine concert in Aliw.~entertaining! I loved the black theatre effect where Faith, clad in a white gown, stood out with the magical sea creatures. (And Nemo accidentally bonked her head!)

~watched half of "Munich". Premeier of the new seasons of "Alias" and "CSI"~so excited! and the new seasons of "Lost" and "Amazing Race" are coming soon!

~rodeo with friends in The Big Grill in fun!i wanna try it again.

~rushed the deadline for The Creative Exam of an ad agency: BBDO-GO *crosses fingers*

-Got three interviews this week. Account Servicing for Access Point ( a marketing company), Research/Writer for Cartoon Network of Global Media, Communications Specialist for ePerformax and a very tired legs! Seriously I can now imagine Makati Ave, Paseo de Roxas,Ayala & Buendia in my head.They all looked the same before haha. And lesson learned: don't be too shy to ask where the loading & unloading zones are of jeepneys & cabs to save unnecessary walking in pumps!

~and whats the deal with cutesy hearts? upclose and personal, i think i'll faint if i get to see a real human heart. and im not very keen with stuffed toys like bunnies and bears, they're just exagerratedly cute and cuddly versions of the real deal.


On our way to Laguna, I was entertained by the billboards all over the metro and amused by the increasing birth rate of Kris Aquino's billboard ads. Almost two years ago (I've made a similar entry on my blogger account) she only had six billboards and since then she had doubled it. She probably required all her endorsement deals to include a lifetime billboard exposure. I heard that one time she even shouldered the expenses for her pictorials or something just to have a billboard because the company couldn't afford it.

Here's her ads:

1.Kissa Papaya

2.Eurotiles (The smallest i think)

3. Purefoods Corned Beef

4.Herbench-cum-Bench Body


6.Kyowa ( I don't see this now)

7. San-San

8. Belo Medical Group

9.San Miguel Beer

10. Gateway Mall

11. Metro Metro

12. Eurostar Carnival

13. Pantene Age Defying Shampoo (Update 3-17-06)

14. Oishi (Update 3-29-2006)

Have anyone seen her Smart and White Cat billboards?

And expect another one if she has a movie to promote like "Feng Shui" or "So Happy Together"

I've read from a newspaper interview of someone from McCann, he/she said that a company looks for celebrities that share the same attributes of their brands like Aga or Sharon. But Kris Aquino is an exception because we all know that she swears on by her designer and foreign brands but yet she endorses local soaps, bag, makeup etc and people from the classes B & C buys them because of the idea that they can be 'sosyal' like Kris. And she's effective in targeting the mass as well as the high-class, evident to the increase of sales and heightened brand image on all her endorsed products.

In the documentary "Imelda", the former first lady was labeled as woman with "edifice complex" with all her construction of CCP, Lung Centers etc. to transform Manila into a Western-like city. Clearly Kris is suffering from a billboard complex, not to mention TV overload, to redecorate Manila for her own vanity? And to add to more horrors, I've watched her in her defunct 'Kris & Korina' saying that "I think I have an Imelda in me" referring to her love of shoes. Nice comment for someone whose father was made hero for fighting the Marcoses.

And I only remembered that her birthday is tomorrow haha what a coincidence!



And James Yap has also solo billboard for Bench and another one for enegry drinks. Go figure.


I've enjoyed the opening of Grammy's, a back-to-back performance of Gorillaz and Madonna. They're both my favorites and I both love their singles, the nostalgic tunes of "Feel Good Inc." and the dance pop "Hung Up". It was cool to see Gorillaz performing "live" and then Madonna popping out and cutting them short, of course she had to hoard the attention to herself. Madonna even danced a bit with Murdoc then passed by his back to show that he was a 3D. She should have done it with 2D!


That was the only thing I've looked forward to,when I got bored with the rest of the awards I switched channels.


The Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, printed 12 editorial cartoons of Muhammad since of September last year. It brought outcries from the Islamic people because they never allowed their holy prophet to be depicted in any form as it may lead to idolatry. (though in Pakistan they’ve had images of him covered with veil in the face) From all over the world Danish embassies are now being attacked by Moslems. It has now become a global crisis.

The harsh reality of blasphemous humor is also prevalent toward Christians or any religious group for that matter. Should they resort to same violence? Everybody has an innate freedom to express one’s views such as freedom of speech, but it should not be insensitivity to dignity. Everybody has the right to exercise religious belief but isn’t religion supposed to promote spirituality and not a cause for violence and certainly not in the expense of person’s right to life.

(I first got the cartoons from the blog of Michelle Malkin, only to later learn that she is a famous FilAm blogger-reporter-political commentator)Muhammad

2/7/06 Come to where the flavor is. Come to Brokeback Mountain.

It’s a movie set on the 60’s in Wyoming. It’s about two cowboys. And they’re in love with each other! It just shattered the classic Marlboro ad we’ve seen for decades. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ is directed by Ang Lee, it earned Oscar nominations and won Emmy’s. Conan O’Brien said people were wondering why the other guy (Heath Ledger) was nominated for Best Actor while the other (Jake Gyllenhaal) was nominated only Best Supporting Actor. He said "according" to the Oscar’s, ‘well somebody has to be in the bottom!’ haha! And the list of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ jokes goes on and on. Anyway it was freaky at first watching them getting on it on the first night on the mountain right at the beginning of the movie but I swear you’ll really feel pity and sorrow at their forbidden twenty-year-old love affair. In the end, it’s not just some artsy gay movie, it speaks of universal themes of love, sacrifice and regret. Anybody can relate to it, unlike ‘Alexander’! Eewww I hate that movie! Other gay-themed movies that I liked are ‘Beautiful Boxer’ and ‘Madame Butterfly’. I haven’t seen the indie ‘Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros’, but I’ve heard mixed reviews.

And another spoiler for those who haven’t seen it, I’m mean! Ever watched the movie ‘Princess Diaries’ and its sequel? Remember the lead actress? The very prim and proper Anne Hathaway. Isn't she just sweet and a darling? Well she just took of her shirt off and then came followed her bra! Well maybe it was a great career move for since she’s getting old for the teenage act and it’s something Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan haven’t done... yet. If you’ll search in the internet you’ll see topless pictures of her in some steamy scenes in the movie “Havoc” and some slutty see-trough tops on public appearances.

ok here it is...


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