Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss Japan was crowned as Miss Universe 2007 today. I suddenly remembered that one of my (day)dreams when I was still young was to join this pageant but skipping on the Bb. Pilipinas part hehe I was also a very frustrated ballerina since I never even had a chance even to get a glimpse of a tutu or studio. I vowed to let my kids pursue whatever creative calling they have. I would have been a prima ballerina by now! (yeah right!)

I used to wrote detective or fashion designer for ambition in autographs inspired by Nancy Drew and my passion for sketching clothes. But came college, I had second thoughts of taking fashion design thinking it was not practical and only Benilde or Matute was offering it at that time. I intend to push for it in the future, who knows maybe in New York or Paris!

I dabbled in modelling, cheering and theatre arts all though my schooling years and finally unexpectedly landing a job in show business, behind the scenes of course :P Then I've became a houswife slash jobseeker slash bum slash the glorified mcdonald's crew version called call center girl. And now I'm in transition where I don't know where will I end up next. Advertising? Maketing? Homebuddy? sigh!

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