Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mecha Reviews

"Transfomers" is really, really, really,... oh did i mentioned really like three times already? really, really, really (gasps for air) GREAT! Like every frame was memorable and to point it all out would be an endless task. I felt like I was transformed into a kid again. It's so nostalgic seeing something in a new point of view.

And coincidences and coincidences again before we watched the movie, Poy and I (it's more like him and me catching up) are currently watching "Battelstar Galactica". The cylons or evolved robots are eliminating humans. And the last surviving human species are looking for the mythical 13th colony, Earth. Its reminiscent of midnight cap of "Enterprise", a spin off of "Star Trek" on cable. Yes we're so nerds...

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