Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We went out for an Friday the 13th impromptu date at Trinoma or Triangle North of Manila. I've been hearing that it looks like mini-me Glorietta but it kind of reminded me of a bigger version of Market Market. It has al fresco bars and restaurants that is supposed to be patterned after Greenbelt but it felt like I was in Gateway instead. The cinemas are like Eastwood with the movable armseats and reclined seats. But whatever hearsays uhmm you hear, you can be sure it hit a goldmine in the heart of Quezon City. No wonder SM North is having a makeover. Trinoma is even accessible by MRT and just 15-minute ride from home at night. Another shopping haven for me. :)

Dolores Umbridge, the pink villainess.

Almost movie franchises left you disappointed except for some few like Die Hard 4, Blade 2 and I can't seem to recall a good movie at moment. But moving on, You can't resist to watch the latest installment to see if it has topped the original. Saw 3,T3, Ocean's 13,MI3, Matrix Revolutions, LOTR Return of the King, Xmen: The Last Stand, POTC: At World's End, Shrek The Third, Spiderman 3..the 'coming soon' movies Bourne Uitimatum, Mummy 3, Rush Hour 3. Sometimes we don't even know that there was a third part on DVD release with a
different actor on the lead. But nothing beats series who moved beyond trilogies like Hannibal, Harry Potter, Batman, Scary Movie (!), Superman,Star Wars, James Bond and then Indiana Jones.

I love kawaii pop art. Is electrolychee inspired by tokidoki?

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