Friday, October 05, 2007


I've been so busy with my other blog. It's the return of my tags !!!

1. Hollywood- There's a new breed of teenage sex symbols: Hayden Panettiere (18) of "Heroes", Vanessa Hudgens (19) of "High School Musical" and Rihanna (19) with her hit "Umbrella". Vanessa is ahead by 1 point with her leaked photos. If she keeps up with it she'll give Britney and Lindsay, former teen sensations, a run for their publicities.

2. TV (erm VeohTv that's it)- Heroes and Prison Break are back! Weeee! *DO NOT DISTURB!*

3. Fashion- Skull pop icons for the girlies. Adios from Tokidoki and Kumiko from Sanrio. No need to borrow your boyfriend's bling-blings.

4. Places/Gimmick/Food- Marina for P10 beers, The Sicilian Express for very delicious and affordable pizzas, Gram for big servings of comfort food and Alchemy for a change.

5. News- The racial slur in "Desperate Housewives". Hmmm... Remember the "30 Rock"s bashing against our President's fashion.

7. Animes- The non-reverse animes I've finished, Zombie Loan and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Both animes have suspense, violence, a bit of fanservice and the supernatural. Zombie Loan's pacing is slow at times but it's easy to watch with just 11 episodes. I'll be waiting for the second season and watch out the potential bishie, Bekko. If you like Clamp animes for their kawaii character designs and Death Note's dark strategies, then you will enjoy these unlikely combination in Code Geass. I was planning to watch it like a few episodes at a time but I got carried away on my second screening and finished it from episode 5. It was that good!

I've been on anime sprees with the help of video streaming sites, torrents and fan subs. Hail the internet!

8. Food/Health- If I'm filthy rich I'll be shopping all of my groceries in Healthy Options! But for now I'm taking my baby steps.

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