Sunday, October 26, 2008

"New Moon" spoilers and review

Before I read "New Moon", I accidentally found out about Jacob's secret. I learned the hard way and avoided surfing about "Twilight" until I was finished with the series. This is the only "Twilight" book where I cried. I wasn't bawling but the tears just flowed unconsciously. I felt like I am Bella and Edward is speaking directly to me in the the forest scene. I dreaded reading the whole thing that happened while Edward is away. I was feeling all her pain. The months as chapter titles is also a very clever device. It captures the essence that time just stood still in loneliness. I wanted to skim the chapters to just get over it until Edward appears again. I didn't like the "Romeo and Juliet" tribute at first but Meyer was successful in incorporating it to the story. It also serves us foundation for Jacob's character and "Breaking Dawn"s story. The breakup is essential to the story, it deepens the bond between Edward and Bella and it's so Edward. Although it didn't end like the Shakespearean tragedy, it doesn't mean love is a perfect fairy tale. But it's also anti-climactic to read a book without Edward in almost half the story after all the love in "Twilight". On my second reading, it was less painful and more bearable and it's interesting to take note of the beginnings of Jacob's and Bella's friendship. I'm not sure on how will they be able to translate it into screenplay for viewers who will watch for Edward. Hopefully werewolves will keep them busy. Also don't forget to check the outtakes and extras of New Moon. The thing that Edward broke in the living room when they when the Cullens are voting? That was the brand new sixty-inch plasma TV.

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