Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spoilers and Review: Twilight Movie

My hubby and I caught the first morning screening yesterday (Wednesday) in Rob Metro East to avoid long lines, screaming fangirls and get a good seats. I was right there we're just more or less 20 people lined up. A group of girls. As expected. Three grannies. Really. One teenage guy. (?). One adult male who kept talking to himself. Yeah he's loud. A teenage couple/ bestfriend. They sat on the very edge near the walls. Two brothers. Methinks.

The movie guy forgot to turn on the audio for dialogues so I missed the narration of Bella until the time she entered her bedroom. Argh! I wanted to scream the first time Edward appeared, but I know my husband will be mortified if I did that. Haha. The crowd is pretty much behaved. No one screamed 'I love you Edward'.

Adaptations are usually inferior to the book it was based on. Not unless they totally changed the story like "Sex and the City". Like the usual film versions they've interchanged the sequences, altered the details and kept some of the lines.

Here are some of things that I hated:

1. Bella's character- Her redeeming, positive qualities to which Edward will fell in love with are not even shown. It just proves how the critics are right that their love is just based on bloodlust. I think Kristen is perfect for the role. She looks ordinary at first, but the more you look at her, her beauty becomes classic and timeless. She would look hot in 'Breaking Dawn'. But acting wise, I think Kristen should read the book.

2. Although it saves time in introducing the characters, Jacob's first appearance should have been in the middle for impact. He will be a major character after all.

3. The mood for the sparkling scene is so wrong. Edward is supposed to be dazzling in full blast and not lunatic, mad.

4. Tyler, Eric, Mike, Angela and Jessica- Their characters are totally different from the book. They were reduced to just wallflowers. I guess it's okay to do that if they gave more screentime to...

5. The Cullens and The Hales- There's a lot of little side stories to each of them. If they have more budget and more running time, The story would have been more interesting. The two couples are also missing in the prom. I was hoping to see their clothes especially Rosalie's.

6. R-13- I thought it will have more sensual scenes as the ratings have warned. Like Edward nuzzling her neck....and more. ;D

7. The actors are fit to their roles except for Victoria. She reminds me of Baby Spice. She only looked menacing in the very ending.

8. The confrontation. In the book, Edward is more exasperated that it seems easy for Bella to accept the truth like it's the most natural thing to happen. Like reading minds. Being vampires. Well, I guess in the movie they need to create a conflict for it.

What I loved....

1. The scenes wherein they're lying in the meadow, the piano scene and on top of tree zooming out to a panoramic view of the forest.

2. The baseball game- It shows off their prowess as well as their individualities and my favorite Twilight track, 'Supermassive Black Hole'.

3. Edward, Bella and Jacob- I felt like a chill run through my spine when they all appeared together in the prom. There's a sense of foreboding of things to come.

4. Edward Cullen- Overall the original is way better than the movie. The only saving grace is Edward Cullen in the flesh. I loved how Robert seems to have a million facial expressions. His acting and accent is flawless except for his swagger. I expected him to be refined since he's from a different era, not like James Dean.

I just wondered how do they explain to the doctors ton how she got he bite on her wrist? And watch out for Meyer's cameo! Will she also appear in the other movies like Stan Lee?

I would still want to rewatch this and I can't wait for the rest of the franchise. After it's box office success I hope they can make 'New Moon' longer and better. It's so weird that after watching the movie, I've dreamed of me asking Rob if I can have a pic with him and again more....LOL! "That was the first night that I've dreamed of Edward".

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