Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Librarian in Me

I have a compulsion to write lists. When I was a kid I would write down all the names of paints that I can see from all the hardwares that we drove past by. I spent a summer in my aunt's drugstore and I write all the brands of drugs from A-Z. I had a yellow paper checklist for all the Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams I've read. At one point I listed all Kris Aquino's billboards and more recently I made a mental count of all of Marian Rivera's billboards from Tagaytay to Manila. Gawd she's everywhere! Ugh! As time passes by the paper becomes obsolete and everything goes digital. I've discovered myanimelist which catalogs all the animes and mangas that I've watched, read, dropped and planning to watch/read. In Facebook, out of boredom I listed more than 1000+ movies I've seen and what do you know there's books too. From time to time I would organize my Delicious favorites with all my favorite bookmarks. I made a fansite which to date is the only blog in the world that has a comprehensive list and reviews of reverse harem anime, manga, live action etc. Google it. My obsession is not limited to words too. I made a virtual closet of all my fashion stuff in poupeegirl. lol. I'm actually a contradiction. I'm not the tidiest person in the world. I can be a slob with all the mess in our house but I can be insanely nitpicky with mundane stuff that not any normal person would care about.

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