Saturday, July 31, 2010


I was so lazy to get up knowing it will be traffic on a Friday night. I kept on snoozing my alarm phone. The husband texted he's stuck on traffic too and he won't be able to drop me off to office. As I was about to leave the house it started to drizzle with rain. I was torn between commuting through jeepney which may be faster but I'll have to walk longer under the rain or be comfortable on a cab but at the risk of getting late. I ended up late. I also didn't like my hair I was getting itchy so I shampooed my hair and skipped on conditioner. Then I found out a surprise muffin on Country Style brownbag with Love Aye and drawn heart on it. Wow! I ate it thinking the green bits were banana flavored and when I've gobbled almost everything I realized it was molds. Eeww! He probably left it in the afternoon but still as the cliche goes it's the thought that counts and swoops off the phone to take a picture of the brownbag. Then I found out there's a mealcard already even it's not yet the last day of the month. My lunch ain't pesto but at least it was free. Then for the first time in two weeks I finished exactly on the dot and had half hour to spare to make the long overdue visual board. Just another day that could have been better or could have been worse.

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