Sunday, October 03, 2004

i watched feng shui all by myself. it was a nice movie well it would have been nicer if i had not known all the spoilers -.- i hate inconsiderate people who give you all the major spoilers like knowin the catch of the the da vincio code before readin it. @@ anyway back to the point.the movie used well for me... obvious marketing of kris' endorsed products like purefoods,kyowa and maybe promac too well i dunno if red horse beer and rabbit lines was part of the deal too.

omg im spendin time writin about kris haha! oh well in college my friend bebs really adore her so i kinda liked her then too i even liked her fashion statement too but aftre workin with sis believe me you'll hate her!well i guess she was a stiff competition that you really have to kill with the libel case and everything and thank god we did. yep sis is no. 1!

back to to teta. if imelda had an effigy complex as was said in the imelda docu well i think kris has a billboard complex. ever wondered why theres always a billboard ad for every product she endorses? there's krisa papaya, purefoods, herbench, kyowa,leonardo eurotiles, and so much more all over manila! and even her feng shui movie ugh!

and speakin of imelda i remember one time she said in her show that "i think i have an imelda inside of me" referrin to her love for shoe. umm wait...isnt imelda the one theyre suspectin who killed her hero father? lol

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