Sunday, October 03, 2004

yesterday was as an unusual way to start october. i was in a twilight zone that got stucked on the day of sept 29. i had no idea it was already october. i slept till 2pm hurrah! the past few days was really stressful and i had coughs and colds too. went to attend our 5pm meeting at 7pm hehe and guess what the meeting was already over. i saw some of the staff hangin around and they invited me to attend the octoberfest where gma is coverin. i had no really plans for the night so i decided to come. i was with kj, dindin and her husband,tracy,tak,bren and karen. the octoberfest was held in metrowalk in pasig. we were in the vip area backstage cuz were fr gma. it was the first time i saw a basketball team oh my gosh theyre so tall and sexy! *drools* anyway we ate at mario's kitchen then suddenly i saw vergel and carnation, guys from bicol, outside the place. ive helped them out to be able to enter the vip. had a liitle chat and then i went off. the crowd was wild and erm too teeange-y for me lol. well pinoys..they keep on throwin bottles and cups on the stage sheesh... well after tiramisu,grilled ham n cheese and free1 1/2 platic cup of san mig beer.( that's all i drink) we decided to call it nights. when were already aboard in the cab, the dunk girls im with tak, kj and tracy decided to head off to gay bar! hahaha so we did. we met up karen and went off to some seedy gay bar along tomas morato.well to satisfy my curiosity i joined them.all i can say is oh my god! hahaha i dont want describe the details lol! what an october night.

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