Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bye Summer

Summer season is always a slow month except for True Blood for TV (best season ever) and ongoing rh food-themed animes from winter: YumePati and Maid-sama. Finally picked up last season's Personal Taste/ Preference because of Lee Min Ho but I'm finding it boring halfway. I found LMH in BBF's behind the scenes too vain and I was thinking I wouldn't be surprised if he's gay and now this lol.

I finally finished Shugo Chara Doki which was like forever! Then Shonen time! Finally caught up on Naruto and right on the heels is Bleach. I swear if Kakashi where not resurrected I would have quit Naruto. lol. I love the Vizards arc in Bleach and I'm now watching the Zanpakutou arc. More like fastforwarding it every now and then. I think Ichigo's mom might be a hollow and I had a theory before that she might be a quincy because of Ichigo's blanket. Well...

Before I go to sleep I try to decide if my mood is shojo-ish then I watch Personal Taste but if it's shonen I watch Bleach.

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