Wednesday, September 01, 2004

just watched an ep of sex and the city hours ago. and damn im feelin like carrie right now cuz im currently usin my ressurected laptop compaq presario (1200). i really dunno on how long will i keep this one. i bought it in my junior yr in college. it helped me a lot in my majoring...thesis, presentations and school projects .this is 3rd most expensive thing ive bought (next to our house and car). it costs more or less 150,000 and couldja believe that it started being defective when zach accidentally spilled water over the keyboard ;_; ;_; ;_; well i guess thie swould be pretty cheap now if i sell this cuz its still pentium 3 and it keeps on shutting off in its own. other symptoms includes: white screen and now dmaged battery.sigh! ive had a lot of good memories here like foruming and chatting for the first time.ive met absolutely great friends in axn...where our interests exceeded beyond anime and get to talk anything under the sun.that's how my cyber life or what you call online life started.i wish my laptop could hang on for a very long time. :(

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