Friday, September 17, 2004

im a big amazing race fan so i really found the time to watch the ep where philippines became a pitstop. last sun i watched the catch-up episodes cuz i missed everything else from ep 2 due to work. luckily that's how i learned that our country will finally be part of my favorite show.

here's some funny observations:
1. Nicole says that she doesnt haf any idea abt the philippines then Brandon replies that we're an island (heller its a group of islands)
2. they used very choppy videos for the intro vtr of our country like they cant get any good material
2. As one of the bowling mom enters the cab, she slapped a mosquito in her arms and say,"welcome to the philippines" -.-
3. Christie was screaming hysterically to the jeepney driver to run over the people lazily standing on the middle of the street
4. they were in for a surprise when they learned that there is no cabbie and i really laughed when chip was complaining about the "little cushion" of the bus
5. colin keep sayin that the carabao is a broken ox..yeah right stupid cuz ure the only team who plowed alone while christie whine and whine
6. i think it was chip and kim who gave $300 to the cabbie from edsa to manila like duh its P15,000
7. i was about to fall from my seat when i saw the no-idea-look of the driver of Nicole and brandon. i was afraid he'll make them lose the race.luckily he brought them on the right place..not cookie palace. *cringe* anyway brabdon says that it's all in God's hands and the cam zoomed into the picture of the christ hangin on the dash mirror.nice touch of our culture that cant be found in other place.
8. colin's driver was sayin he'll break the law cuz the min speed is 100kph..typical gregarious well as the manong police man and edsa bystander (oh how i envy them)
9. guess who greeted them at the pitstop..*rolls eyes*..the daughter of gloria arroyo

cant wait for the next ep!

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