Saturday, September 25, 2004

chip and kim won the season 5 of amazing race. they are the biggest hypocites in the game. o well it all boils down to the million bucks. after constantly labelling themselves as nice and generous they had to shed off their goody-two coats to desperately get christie and collin off the game, not that i don't like them. (anyway nicole was too whiny.)i guess the 2 teams: christie and collin & chip and kim really deserve to fight for the finish line.

from manila they flew to el nido palawan. (not to burst our bubble but it is there in palawan where the abu sayaffs took hostages including gracia and martin burnham). only few observations pertaining our country.

1. one of the bowling moms slapped a mosquito..again haha
2. they haf no idea how our flag looks like...not that were 1st world country or anything
3. they did like the place
4. not related to us....they didnt know what vertigo means @@ im no american but i know wtf it is
5. i like the accent of the filipina who greeted them in the pitstop..very pinoy

later that morning i was ridin in the elevator in gma when i overheard a girl saying that they'll spread around that collin and christie won... in an evil sort of way. so i really dunno if they were just jokin or if it was the truth. -.- biatch spoilin it for me!

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